Killarney Outlet Centre

Killarney Outlet Centre counts on ShopperTrak to serve its retailers

The Killarney Outlet Centre, situated in the heart of Ireland’s most popular tourist destination, is home to a wide selection of stores including the country’s first Nike Factory Store. Around two million visitors a year flock to the centre, attracted by discounts of up to 70% on designer wear and branded goods.

Business Challenge

Killarney Outlet Centre’s retailers rely on accurate visitor footfall figures to gauge the location’s potential, measure peel-off and improve performance. Local businesses and the Killarney Chamber of Commerce also find the analysis invaluable in understanding the impact of events and promotions staged by the town to attract tourist spend and investment, so they needed a people counting system on which they could depend. They turned to ShopperTrak to deliver.


ShopperTrak provides the following services to Killarney Outlet Centre:

• ShopperTrak Thermal Counting System
• ShopperTrak Delivered Reporting


Through using the services of ShopperTrak, Killarney Outlet Centre has experienced the following benefits:

  • Accurate, credible visitor statistics to attract retailers to the centre by demonstrating Killarney’s value as a top tourist destination
  • Historical footfall figures inform centre planning and staffing levels
  • Allows retailers to gauge whether they are attracting their share of centre traffic
  • Visitor volumes by entrance help identify the best locations for temporary traders
  • Enables centre management to measure the effectiveness of consumer marketing campaigns

Killarney Outlet Centre Case Study

As a longstanding ShopperTrak customer, Killarney Outlet Centre recognises the value of having accurate footfall numbers to help optimise retailer sales and so increase the value of the centre as an asset. Centre manager Paul Sherry relies on having credible data to analyse how different entrances are performing, inform operational decisions such as staffing levels and measure the impact of consumer promotions on footfall.

“ShopperTrak’s visitor data enables us to start a conversation with our retailers about attracting their share of centre traffic and ways in which they can improve their performance. They expect to see these figures – it’s as simple as that.” Paul Sherry, Centre Manager, Killarney Outlet Centre

The project saw cameras installed at each of the centre’s three entrances – the car park, bus station and town centre – which allow Killarney Outlet Centre to monitor pedestrian traffic at any given hour of the day.

Early Revelation Reveals Most Popular Entrance Not as Previously Thought

One early revelation was that the car park entrance initially considered to be the main point of entry to the centre accounted for less than a third of traffic (31%), whereas the town centre entrance proved to be the most popular means of access (53% of shoppers) with the bus station doors used by just 15% of centre visitors.

“Before installing the ShopperTrak system, we would never have predicted this. It was completely counter-intuitive,” remarks centre manager Paul Sherry. “But this is just one example of how we can now base decisions on hard facts rather than anecdotal evidence or gut feel.”

As a direct result of this surprising finding, the centre management team now sites temporary traders close to the busiest entrance so they are wellplaced to get the best return on their investment.

Accurate People Counting

When Paul Sherry joined Killarney Outlet Centre many years ago, it relied on a beam-based system to count pedestrians but this proved notoriously inaccurate and unreliable. He recalls, “We would have to halve visitor numbers to account for one person coming in and going out – and then add 15% to allow for any inaccuracies!” In contrast, the accuracy of the current system has never been in doubt.

“ShopperTrak is the market leader for people counting and our retailers accept that. The company’s reputation and track record helps convince them that the figures are utterly reliable,” says Paul Sherry.

“In all these years, we’ve never had any issues – the system just works away perfectly. Whenever there’s anomaly – if we’ve closed a door to carry out maintenance and are using a fire door instead, for instance – very quickly there’s always a phone call to ask us what we’re doing differently. It’s clear the data is constantly being monitored, which is reassuring as the last thing we want is hours or days of false readings.”

Martin Golunski, strategic account manager for ShopperTrak, comments, “I am delighted Killarney Outlet Centre has committed to working with ShopperTrak for a further five years, which is testament to the value they derive from our partnership. The insight Killarney gains has helped them to really understand the impact of marketing events and promotional activity on footfall, enabling them to maximise letting opportunities within the centre.”

Paul Sherry is enthusiastic about the service he receives from partner ShopperTrak, noting, “I wouldn’t want to partner with anybody else as I know what their technology is capable of. The level of customer service we receive is superb and over the years we have built a strong working relationship.”

“Before installing the ShopperTrak system, we would never have predicted this – it was completely counterintuitive – but this is just one example of how we can now base decisions on hard facts rather than anecdotal evidence or gut feel.”

Paul Sherry, Centre Manager, Killarney Outlet Centre

Read the full case study by downloading the PDF below, or contact ShopperTrak to find out how we can help you improve sales through accurate people counting in your retail business.